HAD Molecular Sieve Co., Ltd is a molecular sieve products manufacturer in China. In addition to molecular sieves, we also offer related products such as various types of special molsieve adsorbent, molecular sieve activated powder, activated alumina, and so on. Our products are widely applied to air separation for hydrogen and oxygen, iron and steel melting for nitrogen and oxygen, medical use for oxygen, vehicle brake systems, insulating glass, refrigeration, as well as dryness and purification of petroleum gas, ethylene, pyrolysis gas, air compressors, etc.

    1. 3A Molecular Sieve
    2. 3A Molecular SieveThe 3A molecular sieve is formed by replacing the sodium ions of4Amolecular sieve with the potassium ions, forming the aperture of 3 angstroms. The main component of A-type zeolite is aluminosilicate.
    1. 4A Molecular Sieve
    2. 4A Molecular SieveThe 4A molecular sieve is mainly composed of aluminosilicate. Silicon-oxygen tetrahedron and aluminum-oxygen tetrahedron form a LTA type skeleton structure, and the main crystal pore has an eight-membered ring structure.
    1. 5A Molecular Sieve
    2. 5A Molecular Sieve5A molecular sieve is calcium and sodium type silica aluminates with crystal pore diameter of 5 angstroms or 0.5 nm. It is widely used in air purification system for removal of impurities such as water, carbon dioxide, acetylene and so on.
    1. 13X Molecular Sieve
    2. 13X Molecular SieveThe main component of 13X molecular sieve is aluminosilicate. Silicon-oxygen tetrahedron and aluminum-oxygen tetrahedron form a FAU type skeleton structure, and the main crystal pore has a twelve-membered ring structure.
    1. Activated Alumina
    2. Activated AluminaActivated alumina features numerous microporous channels and large specific surface area for the use of adsorbent, desiccant, catalyst and so on. With strong affinity to water, oxide, acetic acid, alkali and more, our product is not only micro water depth of desiccant ...
    1. Silica Gel
    2. Silica GelHADsiev offers a variety of silicon gels, including white silica gel, blue silica gel and yellow silica gel products for a large number of dehydration applications, such as fluid cracking catalyst, catalyst carrier, packaging desiccant, compressed air dryer and others.
    1. Carbon Molecular sieve
    2. Carbon Molecular sieveCMS will adsorb particles less than 10Å when ordinary activated carbon can’t. it features a high relative adsorption strength that is higher than a spherical graphitized polymer carbon (SGPC) and graphitized carbon black (GCB).
    1. Molecular Sieve Activated Powder
    2. Molecular Sieve Activated PowderMolecular sieve activated powder possesses good dispersion and extremely fast adsorption speed. As a functional additive, our product can be used in special adsorption occasions, such as mixing with the material for dispersion and adsorption...

HAD MOLECULAR SIEVE located in China, focuses on developing, producing, and selling adsorbents, as well as providing domestic and global logistics and marine shipping services, with total assets of 15 million USD.

As one of the largest manufacturers of zeolite adsorbent in Asia, our company offers molecular sieve, activated alumina and more. Specifically, we have four subsidiary factories, six production lines and one raw powder production base with an annual production capacity of 16,000 metric tons of molecular sieve products.

HAD Molecular Sieve Co., Ltd is the only supplier with a complete industrial chain and systematic management, so we can supply customers immediately with controllable quality products.

Over the past decades, our products have not only sold well in domestic markets, but they have also been exported to Europe, America, the Middle East and other Asian countries and areas, of which some world famous companies have OEM cooperation with us.